• Convair B-58 for FSX

    Convair B-58 Hustler for FSX - Out Now

    It has been a long time coming but I'm pleased to announce that the FSX B-58 Hustler project has now been completed. Check out the screenshots and features. More »

  • Lockheed SR-71 for FS9 & FSX

    Lockheed SR-71 for FS9 and FSX

    The fastest manned aircraft in the world is available to buy for FS9 and FSX - with endorsement from Rich Graham, SR-71 Pilot, this Mach 3 aircraft will test your skills as a virtual aviator. More »

  • Welcome to Team SDB

    Team SDB

    I'm very pleased to welcome Flight Sim Scenery Developers Team SDB to ,the Glowingheat website. Looking for an airbase or aircraft carrier to fly from? Take a look at their products. More »